Stout Dogue de Bordeaux 

Est. 1994

Walker de Stout in latest IAMS dog food commercial(Oct. 2020), with face in the mud! another dogue de bordeaux we produced! 

Updated:  11/ 4 /2020


Now Located in Covington GA!!! We strive for the consistency in Authentic Bordeaux type, big heads, great structure, heavy bone, balanced temperments, & great movement! We have over 25yrs of owning Dogue de Bordeaux! Our dogues are all AKC and some FCI dual registered. AKC DNA Profiled stock(providing proof of their ancestry filed with AKC). We have produced North American and European Champions! Our dogues have some  legendary European Champions, plus some stunning dogs of the most sought after long lived healthy bloodlines! 


True advocates against pedigree FRAUD! Not a mass producer or high volume puppy manufacturer You can see many of the puppies we procuced over the years on our puppy page, YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook! "Not just a few little cute puppies", but dogues that have matured into "head turning adults with the "WOW factor" for your home or show ring

The word "Mastiff" deres from the Latin word: massivus, meaning massive!  Petite and small fine bone are not mention in that definition!!!


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The Book below a must have if your serious about the Dogue de Bordeaux and breeding them! must know their past and honor the honorable good breeders of the past!!